Alexis Jabour

Audio / Video Production and Livestreaming

About Me

I'm an audio/video professional based in Pittsburgh, PA. I have a broad media background that includes journalism, theater, music, and audio production. Not only can I shoot, edit, and completely produce your videos, I can interview, voice over, score, and tell your story.

I can also produce live, interactive experiences with remote guests and audiences over Zoom, Facebook, Youtube, and more.

Contact for more information and a free consultation.

Remote Live Streaming

A live-streamed (or pre-recorded) event with all participants in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

On-site Live Streaming

I come to you and stream your event to a remote audience who can watch and interact with you in real-time.


I take your recorded pieces and put them into a polished final product.

Shooting & Editing

I record you at your chosen location and edit the footage as directed.